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“Great art has a special “presence”. There is no other word that describes it better. Art engages us; its presence exerts a hold on us; it penetrates us and thoroughly enhances our lives. I have carefully chosen these art examples as the very best of their genre, the fruits of literally hundreds of deals. A better selection of drawings, sketches, and watercolors simply cannot be found. A collection is defined by its highlights and my collection is filled with extraordinary examples. I have always considered Frazetta to be the finest pen and ink artist who has ever lived. No one else comes close. I have argued this for decades in a multitude of published essays and books. That is why the emphasis of my collection is on the graphic side of Frazetta. I have always preferred a great drawing to an average painting. A lifetime of passion and energy and great sacrifice is tied into this collection. I have enjoyed these originals and preserved them for the next generation of collectors. With the coming Frazetta movies by Robert Rodriguez, the nonstop stream of books and projects, the endless Internet discussions, the legacy and interest in Frazetta will continue to grow. Frazetta original art remains a blue-chip investment and a window into one of the greatest creative geniuses that has ever had a place in art history. Quality is eternal. Enjoy this limited edition book!” – DocDave Winiewicz, 2015. BOOK DETAILS: 1.) 200+ page catalog, edition of 950 (numbered and signed by Joe Maddalena) 2.) Deluxe 10.5″ x 14.5″ hardbound cover 3.) Fully illustrated using high resolution imagery 4.) Printed on heavy matte archival paper 5.) Featuring the finest works of American Master Frank Frazetta 6.) Including Doc Dave Winiewicz’s personal stories on each individual piece

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