The data collected reveals more about you than you might expect.

Hack Proof is an Online Learning Experience. A unique live webinar presentation and personalized question and answer session presented by professional digital security experts.


When was the last time you logged into your router?

Router Exploitation 101: We will take you through the full spectrum of possible attacks, what they yield and how the art of exploitation in that particular field evolved over the recent past to its present state. We’ll get you comfortable logging into your home router and making all the necessary adjustments to ensure you’re as secure as you can be.

Your phone is tracking your location, even when you tell it not to.

Is your phone PWNED? Mobile devices are now a material target: they contain sensitive personal and corporate data, access privileged networks, and routinely perform financial transactions. The question remains, how do we keep these devices safe?

I can record you while you surf the web. Wanna see the video file?

After all, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and former FBI Director James Comey both put tape over their computer’s camera when not in use, so perhaps you should, too.

How much do you trust tech companies with your private information?

In the past decade, data breaches and password leaks have struck companies such as Equifax, Facebook, Home Depot, Marriott, Target, Yahoo, and countless others. If you have online accounts, hackers have likely leaked data from at least one of them. Want to know which of your accounts have been compromised?

Mobile Security

Don’t open that text message link!

SMS provides an ever widening attack surface on today’s mobile phones. From over the air updates to rich content multimedia messages, SMS is no longer a simple service to deliver small text-only messages. In addition to its wide range of supported functionality, SMS is also one of the only mobile phone attack surfaces which is on by default and requires almost no user interaction to be attacked.

Digital Footprint

We will show that information about an individual’s place and date of birth can be exploited to predict his or her Social Security number (SSN).

We’ll show you techniques used to crack into your personal accounts using just a single source of public information.

Laptop Security

Did you really think your MacBook is hack proof?

Did you know that every 3 out of 4 laptops connected to public Starbucks wifi’s and public airport wifi’s are compromised and exploited?

Digital Footprint

How to avoid being Data Mined.

We will provide an overview of what data mining is, and provide several examples of how it is used to to gain access to your online accounts.

Personal Security

What do you do once you realize you’ve been hacked?

These are the tell tail signs that you’ve been compromised. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide to understanding what happened and what to do next.


Hack Proof is part of a webinar Speaker Series in which strives to present all information in an easy to understand format, for any age group, for any background. Included in your registration are the following:


Leading up to the event date you will receive a link (via the email you registered with) containing the URL to the event. The event is a One hour live presentation, followed up with a moderated question & answer session. The presentation starts at 6pm PST.


Following the presentation all attendees will receive and gain access to a specifically curated online portal containing information related to the live presentation. The portal contains links and resources to further your learning experience.


At the conclusion of the presentation, you will also gain access to our support system which enables to you email us directly any further questions, clarifications, and any other curiosities you may have. This is an exclusive direct line to our presenters.






Dave brings more than 20 years of experience working with and on open source projects in industries including aerospace, video games, and web, both server and client side. For the last decade he has focused on privacy enhancing technology, user anonymity and anti-surveillance. Most recently he was a senior platform security engineer at Mozilla where he focused on web privacy and led the project to merge Tor Browser hardening into Firefox as well as developing unique solutions for Sony Electronics and major online social platforms.



IT security specialist aligning security architecture, plans, controls, processes, policies and procedures and opperational security standards for the U.S Air Force, Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, the State Department, and numerous gaming casinos. Gordon provides a solid knowledge about ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability management, network security and the unique ability to communicate risks in business terms for non-technical audiences.


I was skeptical in what I could learn, but OMG, I never in a zillion years would have imagined what is going on behind the scenes. Best video conference I've ever been exposed to!


I've always been very keen on how I surf the web and what user names and passwords I keep. After going through this online learning experience I have a whole new layer of security to add! You guys are wonderful!


I have a way better understanding of how the internet works now after taking in this online presentation. The information and presentation style was super easy to grasp and translate to real world scenarios. Love it!


I heard plenty of horror stories from my friends and have thought it was only a matter of time before it could happen to me. I'm so glad I found this. What I learned was so valuable, I feel so much safer with everything I do online.


Wow! I must say my mind is totally blown away! The lightbulb has definitely been turned on and my ways will never be the same! Thank you guys!



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